Are you managing your data in the dark? Let K shine a light on your data.

We designed K to make your data visible and easier to manage. We’ve specifically built K for those that want the most in-depth insight into their data ecosystem so they can deliver the best outcomes for their teams and customers.

K has advance features to make your job easier. Mitigate data risk. Assess the impact of data changes. Identify cost savings in dark data. Search everything.  And more.

Indepth Profiling

See everything about all of your data

Data changes faster than documentation. So we automated it. 

Understand your data in context by seeing how its used, for what, and by whom. All the way down to individual fields.

Impact Assessment

See what you are going to break
before you break it

We’ve all done it. Made a change to data and hoped for the best. 

With K, you can accurately assess complex data changes and see who and what is impacted. Make less mistakes and move faster. No more excuses

K helps manage the use of your most valuable data and identify opportunities in siloed and underutilised data.
Chief Data Officer
K exposes the full impact of changes to data and helps mitigate the risk of impacting critical reports
Data Product Manager

Intelligent Ratings

All data is valuable.
But some data is more valuable than  others

Should I use this data? Can I trust this report? No idea?

K analyses every piece of data and analytical content to create a Trust Score. The score enables Data Analyst to quickly rate data as well as providing insight into your data maturity and quality.

Advanced Search

Google your Data

Can’t google search all of your data and content? 

Well you can use K’s powerful search capability to find what you need. K learns from your data usage to surface the most relevant results to you.

Proactive Governance

Turn Policies into Insights

You have documented your data policies. How do you who it applies to, and whether you are compliant?

K can link your policies to how the data is being used and by whom. Gain critical insight into your compliance and take your governance to the next level 

Smart Recommendations

Let K automate the hard work

Want to optimise data storage? Identify key person risk? Close user access gaps? 

K simplifies your work by automatically finding and recommending actions to reduce cost, minimise risk and address security gaps 

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